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family disputes through guided communication

When families are going through the challenge of separation or divorce, and where parenting arrangements are involved, respectful communication may secure a positive outcome without resorting to litigation.

If you’re seeking to resolve matters peacefully, Swan Mediation's Family Dispute Resolution can assist you individually or can work with the assistance of each parties legal team.

Swan Mediation helps settle disputes by encouraging both parties to recognise each other’s priorities. Once this understanding is in place, the process then focuses on identifying options to reach resolution.

Swan Mediation is undertaken by Christopher Swan.

Christopher is an experienced mediator and he’s also an accredited Family Law Dispute Resolution Practitioner. Christopher begins by helping participants to focus on their underlying interests without adopting fixed positions. He motivates couples to agree outcomes, and he applies his legal expertise to ensure that results are based on objective standards including the law.

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Swan Mediation — a proven process

Participants in the Swan Mediation process take a series of effective steps…

Communicate with each other, exchange information and seek understanding

Identify, clarify and explore interest issues and underlying needs

Consider alternatives

Produce and review options

Negotiate with each other

Reach and make their own decisions

Swan Mediation — positive outcomes for both of you

Mediation is a better way than going to court to resolve family disputes because…

You'll be able to resolve your dispute sooner

It will be much less expensive

It will be much less stressful

You'll participate in finding solicitors

What's more, many couples find that they emerge with a better relationship with their former partner at the end of the process.

More information about Family Dispute Resolution

Family Dispute Resolution is a form of mediation that helps separating families reach their own agreements.

The main goal of Family Dispute Resolution is to help participants to make a parenting plan that sets out agreed future parenting arrangements. It's a practical and low cost way for separating families to obtain professional help to agree their future parenting arrangements.

During the process, participants discuss disputed issues. They consider different options, and are encouraged to focus on the needs of their children.

It's compulsory under Australian Family Law for separated parents to attempt Family Dispute Resolution before they apply to a Family Court for a parenting order unless there are issues of family violence and child abuse or there are urgent issues.

It’s important that participants feel safe before and during mediation. If a participant has concerns about their safety or the safety of their child/ren it may not be appropriate for mediation to proceed.

Everything that is said in mediation is confidential and cannot be used as evidence in Court.

A mediation practitioner must report child abuse or anything that indicates a child is at risk or other crimes.

If agreement is reached at mediation it can be recorded as an agreement or as a Consent Order of the Court.

Section 60i Certificates

Christopher Swan is an Accredited Family Law Dispute Resolution Practitioner and can issue certificates pursuant to Section 60i of the Family Law Act.

Working with legal teams

Christopher is experienced in guiding and assisting legal teams to give their clients the best chance of resolving their matter without resorting to litigation.

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